Stockpair offers a simple and clear online trading platform that focuses on binary options and pair options. The site’s technology allows Stockpair to provide its users with new and updated trading tools and products that can help make transactions more profitable. Based on the type of trading that is offered by Stockpair, site users have the ability to profit up to 350% or more.

Key Facts About Stockpair

The Stockpair online binary and stock option trading platform was established in 2010. The platform’s team is made up of a group of risk management, investment, and technology professionals who have offices in numerous locations worldwide.

Stockpair serves traders from over 100 different countries. These traders’ experiences range from beginner to professional. In addition, Stockpair does not charge any commissions to its users.

The Stockpair platform also includes a great deal of educational materials for use by new and experienced traders. This information can help traders to get a feel for the overall market, as well as to develop new and unique trading strategies. On average, Stockpair’s profitability runs just over 80% and there are no refunds for out-of-the-money trades.

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Software & User Friendliness

Pair options allow traders a way to trade based on the relative performance of one investment vehicle against another – regardless of which way the market goes. This is because this type of option is based only on the comparison of the two underlying assets that are chosen by the trader.

The pricing of pair options is typically transparent. Therefore, there are no hidden costs when trading these entities. In addition, there is an absolute loss cap that is limited to the option’s price. This allows for the ability of payouts to be shown continuously throughout market trading hours.

The Stockpair platform is operated via Nextrade Worldwide, Ltd. Nextrade is a global leader in the developing and the operating of both binary options and pair options. This type of platform brings online options and pair trading into a more accessible atmosphere for both new and experienced traders. One of Stockpair’s biggest benefits is that it can provide accurate and real time pricing of underlying assets, as well as an overall interactive trading experience.

Security & Reliability

Stockpair works to keep its site secure by segregating its user’s funds. These funds are stored in the site’s fiduciary segregated client bank account that is used for the sole purpose of receiving such funds and for making client withdrawal payments. In addition, added fund security is achieved because Stockpair works only with reputable international banking institutions for the keeping of such funds.

As an added client security measure, Stockpair requires that all of the investment companies it works with meet strict and specific financial standards. These standards include a certain requirement of capital adequacy as well as compliance with anti-laundering rules.
These rules help Stockpair in maintaining a sufficient amount of liquidity in order to cover all client deposits, as well as outstanding expenses and potential market fluctuations. Detailed audits are regularly performed for the purpose of pointing out any potential deficiencies in fund amounts.

In addition, Stockpair uses a 256-bit encryption of data across its entire website for the purpose of providing the best e-commerce security available. This helps to further protect trader’s financial and personal information.

Bonuses and VIP Program

Due to the new CySEC regulation, which doesn’t allow CySEC regulated brokers to offer deposit bonuses (to protect traders against financial losses), Stockpair currently doesn’t offer deposit bonuses anymore.

Special Features Offered by Stockpair

While Stockpair offers many similarities to other binary options trading websites, it does have a few attributes that stand out, including its revolutionary trading platform, its offering of live quotes via Reuters, and the potential for traders to receive a return that is in excess of 350%.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Stockpair requires traders to make an initial deposit of $200. Deposits may be made in a number of different ways, including credit cards, Moneybookers, and CashU. With regard to withdrawals, there are no limits, however, it can take approximately 48 hours for withdrawals to be processed, and possibly another day or two for Stockpair to send the funds to the trader.

Customer Support

There is a great deal of customer support that is offered by Stockpair. There are 11 different languages that are supported – including English, Spanish, and Italian. Representatives are available via phone, email, and live online chat. This can help traders to get their questions and concerns answered quickly and efficiently.

Our Opinion Regarding Stockpair

Stockpair regularly provides a market review directly on their website. This can help traders to get an updated idea of how the market is moving – and thus an indication of the direction that particular assets may move.
With potential payout of 350% or more, we feel that Stockpair can provide traders with a nice profit opportunity – regardless of the direction that the overall market takes. This alone is worth taking a closer look at this particular trading platform.

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