BDSwiss has decided that it is in the best interest of the company to stop offering Binary Options services and focus on developing its ever-growing Forex/CFD offering.

BDSwiss is still a very young brokerage house. The company has only been founded at the beginning of 2012 but managed to rise to the position of the leading binary options broker in the German-speaking part within a few months.
A main reason for that was surely the excellent German-speaking customer service, the reliable platform with real-time Reuters prices and last but not least, the high returns you can get with the provider having its registered office in Frankfurt- completely according to the slogan “German support, Swiss confidence”. True, BDSwiss has in a certain way filled a gap in the market, because at the beginning of 2012, the binary options market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland was still very underdeveloped. Meanwhile, a few other brokers have caught up and also discovered the German market for themselves. Nevertheless, BDSwiss is -at the moment- the clear market leader and in the near future, this is not very likely to change. >>Open a free account >>

BDSwiss platform, software & user friendliness

When deciding in favour of a broker which you can trade binary options with, the used platform is of course particularly important for investors. The great majority of the brokers do not use an own platform since the development of such a software would be very time-consuming and expensive. This is why it is worth relying on one provider having specialized in this area; Overall, there are four different platforms at the moment with each having its very own advantages and disadvantages.

BDSwiss uses the software of SpotOption as a platform. This means that the basic functions being important for trading have been developed by SpotOption, but modifications in the field of graphics and minor aspects have been undertaken under the direction of BDSwiss.

The greatest advantage of the SpotOption-platform is the stability in daily business. By this, it is possible to offer very many different underlying assets. With BDSwiss, there are more than 170 assets from different asset classes. Moreover, investors benefit from extensive functions within the framework of analyzing prices. On this platform, you can trade with classic binary options and one touch options, other variations are not possible so far. Another offer which is on SpotOption’s offer but not offered by every broker is the already mentioned options builder with whom traders themselves are able to compose binary options according to their personal strategy.

How good are the charts with BDSwiss?

Similar to other brokers for binary options analyzing charts with BDSwiss is only possible to a very limited extent. For professional traders, there are definitely not enough functions available. But usually, they rely on professional software of other providers anyway.
But even investors who are merely trading derivatives as a hobby do not find very many possibilities of analyzing the developments of share prices.

This deficit can especially be traced back to the fact that the trading house is still very young.
Great forex brokers such as eToro that have been existing a few years longer provide their customers with clearly better functions for analyzing charts. What exactly the disadvantages with this charts are quickly becomes clear when you as an investor register and sign yourself in for the first time with BDSwiss.

For all underlying assets, it is merely possible to display linear charts. In addition, you can only recall the development of share prices for the last trading hour. Information being contained in other graphics such as bar charts or candlestick charts vanish this way. Moreover, in order to be able to analyze the development of the share prices properly, you need a longer review than the offered one of only one hour.
Even in the so-called pro trader function, there are merely additional features for analyzing the charts. Therefore, it makes sense for investors to get an external software for analyzing the development of the share prices before they start trading with options.

Trading options and the underlying assets

With BDSwiss, you can choose from a variety of underlying assets which you can invest in fast and easily. You can try your luck on the forex market and bank on currencies as well as on commodities such as gold, silver or oil. Of course, there are also many international blue-chip-shares available and a few stock indexes are in the program as well. You see, there is a great number of underlying assets.

The attainable return is also very high with BDSwiss and represents the dream of every bank advisor: you can get a return of up to 85 % with every single trade. You will probably wonder which other financial instrument is able to gain such high returns. Shares are not and especially not your savings account.

Do I need to pay taxes on gainings?

Of course, investors need to pay taxes on gainings resulting from trading derivatives with BDSwiss. Everything else would not be serious and surely lead to problems.
Because just like gainings that for example incur when buying and selling shares or investment funds, the flat tax also applies to returns from trading with binary options.
This tax amounts to 25 % overall. In addition, there is an added solidarity tax so the rate increases up to 26.375 %. In case the personal income tax rate is lower, gainings must only be taxed at this level.

However, traders benefit -just like with other brokers being based outside of Germany- from an important advantage. Banks in Germany are bound to immediately pay the taxes on capital gainings to the finance office. So, as an investor you do not even get them transferred onto your bank account but in return, you do not have to handle the recording of these amounts in your tax declaration.

Since BDSwiss is headquartered in Cyprus, the company is not bound to pay the flat tax straight to the German authorities . In plain terms, this means that traders themselves need to provide the finance office with the necessary information. However, the tax liability is due not before the end of the year. Thus, the liquidity is maintained. Especially for traders trading a lot, this is a relevant factor. Moreover, at the end, they must only pay taxes on the amount they have actually earned. As a consequence, interim losses can easily be set off against gainings.

Special features of BDSwiss

The option builder

By means of the so-called option builder. investors on the platform have the possibility to compose binary options exactly the way they want them to be. Basically, you can only trade traditional binary options, also referred to as call-/put-options. However, one touch options that can also be traded on the platform of BDSwiss are not available in the option builder.

Apart from this small restriction, the option builder is very popular with many investors. The reason for this is the fact that they are able to compose options exactly according to their individual trading strategy. The underlying asset, the term and especially the ratio of chance and risk can be specified in their sole discretion so that for every BDSwiss client, the correct variation of binary options is just a few clicks away.

The operation of the options builder is highly simple. First, you choose the desired asset from a list of more than 170 underlying assets. Both shares, indices, commodities and currency pairs are possible. After choosing the underlying asset, you then specify the term that may be up to four hours and that can be specified to five-minute precision. The third step consists of specifying the ratio of chance and risk, that means the possible return that will be paid if the option is in the money at expiry time. Then, there merely remains the question of either buying a call- or a put- option before finally entering the desired amount to be invested.

The BDSwiss 60 second options

One of the greatest advantages of binary options is the fact that as an investor, you already know how hight the possible return will be when buying the option. Moreover, the term of options is usually very short, so that even after a very short time, high returns are possible. Often, such an option runs until the end of the trading day if it, for example, refers to the price of a share or an index. Meanwhile, there are also options with even clearly shorter terms. However, the possible returns do not really differ much.

Similar to some other option brokers, investors can also trade with 60 second options with BDSwiss. As the name suggests, the expiry time with this variation is merely 60 seconds in the future. This means, you can already benefit from very small rate fluctuations and you almost immediately know if you have earned gainings or suffered losses.

Trading with these 60 second options basically does not really differ from trading with more long-lasting binary options. Here as well, you decide if you want to invest in a call- or put-option and then, you must hope that the option expires in the money. The level of the return with this type of trading is as high as the one when trading with longer terms. The greatest advantage with BDSwiss compared to other providers is the fact that you can already buy 60 second options for not more than 5 euros – entering this business is already possible with little capital. 60 second options are definitely recommendable.

Trading with gold, silver and oil

The German provider allows his clients to speculate on various precious metals and other commodities very easily. Especially in times of crisis, an alternative investment is very important and gold is probably the most suitable one.
Inflation-proof and with a reliable increase in value, as history shows. But crude oil as well can be an interesting investment because -as you might already know- this commodity is meanwhile available to a very limited extent and due to the scarcity, increasing prices are virtually inevitable.

Why isn’t there any demo account?

Here, several answers are possible.
Many investors first want to get a feeling for the market before buying options. With some brokers, this is possible by means of a free demo account. However, you should keep in mind that such a demo account usually can not be used before opening a trading account which you have already have paid money on. Moreover, it involves a relatively high effort for the broker to provide investors with a demo account and the support related to it. On the other hand, investors suffer from that.

The reason for that is evident: Especially clients who first use a demo account but are not really willing to trade with real money cause a relatively high effort within the framework of the support. But the time the staff spends in investors with demo accounts is not available for the “real” traders.

According to our experience, of course, it makes sense to gain an extensive insight into the platform of the respective broker before opening an account. But this does not need to happen by means of a demo account. With BDSwiss, this problem was solved rather elegantly by introducing the platform via short videos. There, a prospective buyer gets to know everything he needs to know about trading with binary options with BDSwiss. Moreover, the procedure is already that simple that you do not really need a demo account. You also benefit from the fact that you directly need to enter the business with real money and thus, you do not invest too high amounts after having succeeded on your demo account.

App for iPhone and Android coming soon- mobile trade

Trading with binary options is especially attractive for many investors because it is simple and does not require extensive analyses. Of course, you need to know certain markets and carefully analyze charts in order to get a sustainable return. However, there is no need of downloading a special software when trading on your computer and on your smartphone as well, it is very easy to react on short term developments on the market even when you are on the move.

In order to make it easier for clients to also trade on the move, several brokers have already a few apps on offer. Current apps can usually be downloaded free of charge, then you can sign in with your user name and password and within the app, you can also trade on your smartphone. With BDSwiss, such an app is not yet on offer though traders may expect that there will also be a corresponding offer in a not too distant future.

Basically, an own app for Android- devices, iPhones or iPads is not really necessary for trading with binary options on the move. Via your normal browser, it is also possible to sign into your account and trade. A special app is -just like a mobile website- merely a method that makes trading on your relatively small display more comfortable. Besides, some information is not displayed at all or only to a limited extent and as a user, you only have access to the most important functions for trading.

The BDSwiss bonus

Due to the new CySEC regulation, which doesn’t allow CySEC regulated brokers to offer deposit bonuses (to protect traders against financial losses), BDSwiss currently doesn’t offer deposit bonuses anymore.

The BDSwiss deposits and payouts being tested

The deposit- and payout methods of the provider are very extensive and adapted to the client’s modern requirements.

Depositing with BDSwiss

With BDSwiss, you can already open a trading account with a minimum investment of 100 euros.
Thereby, the company sets the benchmark in this area as well and also allows clients who just want to try this trading method and who do not have a lot of trading capital available, to get a first impression of the finance market. They are able to conventionally make a deposit via bank transfer, but also via credit card or the eWallet provider Skrill (Moneybookers). Unfortunately, PayPal is not yet an alternative at the moment.

BDSwiss payout

The payout is also very simple and is basically possible with the same method which you also made the deposit with. However, onto your credit card, you can only pay out a maximum amount of the amount you also deposited. Everything that exceeds that must be transferred onto your bank account. Like this, BDSwiss meets the legislative requirements that are international standard for combating money laundering. The first monthly payout onto your bank account is free of charge. In case you want to pay out more than once a month, you need to pay a small handling fee.
The minimum payout is 100 euros.

Security: the regulation

At the moment, the subject regulation is still very complicated for all brokers of binary options. These financial products have not been there before the year 2008 which simply is the reason why there was not enough time yet to extensively regulate this field of the financial markets. After all, authorities do usually not work very fast and passing laws and regulations requires a lot of time. Nevertheless, investors with BDSwiss at least benefit from a clearly higher security compared to brokers being registered in offshore-tax havens.

Behind the brand BDSwiss, there is the Keplero Holding Ltd., a company which is headquartered in Cyprus. The reasons for choosing this head office are surely of fiscal nature. After all, companies in Cyprus benefit from the fact that they are operating within the European Union but at the same time, the fiscal environment of the country is very attractive compared to other EU-member states. This is also why a few other binary options brokers are headquartered in Cyprus, so that the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), that means the financial supervision of the country, has started regulating this market segment as the first EU-authority.

As one of the leading providers of software for options trading, SpotOption has already passed through the lengthy regulation process. With BDSwiss, the certification is likely to take place relatively soon since this broker uses the SpotOption platform and also elsewhere, it undertakes major efforts in order to convince clients and potential buyers that their deposits are safely stored and that trading is possible without any problems.

Is BDSwiss based in Switzerland?

Those who merely take a look at the name, could absolutely assume that the head office is located in Switzerland. Also if you take a look at the website, you first see a mountain panorama where most of the visitors might firstly think of Switzerland. This especially applies with regard to the logo of BDSwiss in which there is the characteristic white cross on a red background, commonly known from the Swiss national flag.

Despite of all these characteristics, BDSwiss is not based in Switzerland. This is rather very smart marketing since Switzerland, as a finance place, has an outstanding reputation and many investors especially trust the banks of this country. However, you even have an advantage with BDSwiss- after all, this broker is located in the EU to which Switzerland -as generally known- does not belong to.

BDSwiss is a brand of the Keplero Holding Ltd. that is headquartered in Cyprus.
There, also a few other binary options brokers are located, especially because the general level of taxation for companies is relatively low there. Furthermore, BDSwiss has also a registered office in Germany, in fact at the most important finance place of the federal republic: Frankfurt am Main. Clients can find the address on the website of BDSwiss. In addition, the customer service is contactable via a Frankfurt phone number.

BDSwiss fraud? Our BDSwiss experiences

Our experiences with the provider BDSwiss are consistently positive.
Nevertheless, in the Internet you sometimes read allegations of fraud of former customers reproaching brokers for not being serious. Most of these allegations can be traced back to one of the following reasons:

  • The trader has not really understood the bonus conditions and feels disadvantaged. Unfortunately, this reason is relatively often the case, because deposit bonuses are new to the field of trading and only very few clients are familiar with the principle.
  • Again and again, there are clients who immediately talk about fraud or rip-off when they wish for a payout and have to accurately prove their identity. Sending in a copy of your passport or a budget account is standard and necessary to meet the international requirements for combating money laundering. If you have a problem with the verification process then please do not use a broker for your businesses.

BDSwiss bekamm Anfang 2013 noch ein zusätzliches Problem mit einem ehemaligen Affiliate des Unternehmens. Der Affiliate, der den sogenannten Wallstreet Trick promotet – ein System mit dem man sehr einfach im Trading Geld verdienen kann, das aber natürlich nicht funktioniert – wurde vom Unternehmen gesperrt als es dahinterkam, mit welchen Methoden dieser Affiliate Kundenwerbung betrieb. Daraufhin veröffentlichte dieser auf all seinen Spam-Internetseiten eine “BDSwiss Warnung” bezüglich Abzocke und schickte diese auch an hunderttausende eMail-Adressen. Das Unternehmen kämpfte wochenlang mit der angeschlagenen Reputation, konnte die Situation aber sehr schnell – nicht zuletzt auch durch die Unterstützung der zahlreichen zufriedenen Kunden – wieder unter Kontrolle bringen.

Support and customer service

BDSwiss had to face another problem with a former affiliate of the company in the beginning of 2013. The affiliate promoting the so-called Wallstreet trick – a system which you can easily make money with when trading but which does not work of course- has been blocked by the company as it discovered by which means this affiliate advertised to customers.
Thereupon, the affiliate published a “BDSwiss warning” on all his spam websites with regard to rip-off and even sent this warning to hundred thousands of e-mail addresses. The company had to fight with its spoiled reputation for weeks but was able to bring the situation under control again very fast – last but not least because of the support of the numerous satisfied customers.


BDSwiss has risen to the position of the market leader in binary options trading at a record pace. The company has surely achieved its great approval by enthusing its clients from the very beginning with a thoroughly harmonious concept. The broker is able to score with high returns, an excellent customer service, a modern and secure platform, a good bonus program and a great selection of options. In terms of binary options trading, this broker is one of our top-recommendations. >>Open a free account >>