Traders who use TradeRush can have access to many benefits, including the ability to earn up to an 81% return using a wide array of underlying assets that include stocks, indices, commodities, and currency pairs, along with unique features and tools that can help in maximizing profits.

In assisting its users to receive the highest return possible, TradeRush also provides its traders with information and trading tips via tutorials, news feeds, and market analysis that can help traders in making more highly educated transactions.

Key Facts About TradeRush

TradeRush began operating in 2011 from Limassol, Cyprus, and is known for its offering of binary options with 60 second expiries. These options allow traders to obtain extremely fast profit.

The TradeRush platform offers option expiry times that range between 60 seconds to 30 days. Its platform is easy to use, providing its traders with a number of different underlying assets that include stocks, indices, currency, and commodities. In all, TradeRush provides over 85 different assets in the area of two-way European options.

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Software & User Friendliness

TradeRush is a browser based platform. Therefore, there is no software for users to download. This means that traders can obtain the most updated information anywhere there is an Internet connection. In addition, TradeRush also offers a mobile application for those who have access to an iPhone. With this feature, traders can log in and manage their accounts and make real time trades via their mobile device.

Traders also have the ability to use one-touch trading with TradeRush. Because this type of trading is somewhat more challenging, users have the potential to earn up to a 500% return on these types of trades.

One-touch is a particularly nice feature for those who believe that the price of an underlying asset may hit a certain level in the future, yet are unsure that the higher price level will be sustainable for a certain period of time. This type of trading provides the ability to trade on holidays and weekends, as well as at other times when the markets are typically closed.

TradeRush also offers a double-up feature for its traders. Here, if a trader is close to his or her options expiry time and they believe that the price direction of the underlying asset is on a roll, then the trader has the ability to create a new trade using the same conditions for the asset’s current price. This feature essentially allows a trader to increase their investment and potentially double their profits.

The TradeRush rollover feature provides traders with a powerful stop loss technique that enables a trader to postpone the expiry of their option. In this case, should the trader believe that his or her prediction for the underlying asset’s price is not correct, then they may opt to “rollover” the asset and essentially postpone the expiry time of the option. This allows traders another opportunity to close their option in-the-money. The rollover feature is available up to 10 minutes prior to the options expiry time.
Overall, the TradeRush binary options trading platform is extremely easy for traders to use. Users simply choose which asset they wish to trade, select “call” or “put” (depending on which way they feel the underlying asset’s price will move), enter the amount they wish to invest, and then click “Apply.”

If traders have questions or need additional assistance, TradeRush offers customer support that is available 24/5. (Hours vary depending upon the demographic location). Customer support representatives may be contacted in a number of different ways, including email, toll-free telephone, or live online chat.

Security & Reliability

Due to the financial information that is being transferred, TradeRush works to ensure the privacy of its user’s information. This includes the secure encryption of data that is transferred via the trading platform.

Bonuses & VIP Program

Due to the new CySEC regulation, which doesn’t allow CySEC regulated brokers to offer deposit bonuses (to protect traders against financial losses), TradeRush currently doesn’t offer deposit bonuses anymore.

Special Features Offered by TradeRush

TradeRush was established in 2011, and with its introduction, binary options traders were also introduced to trading 60 second binary options. TradeRush provides numerous unique features to its users, including the TradeRush option pro feature that allows traders to view analysis of their trades and potential trades in a customized manner.

Deposit and Withdrawal

TradeRush allows traders several alternatives for making deposits into their account, including wire transfer and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Although TradeRush offers fast withdrawal, those who wish to cash out more than once per month will be required to pay a fee of $30.

In addition, those who make deposits via a credit card may only withdraw the same amount as their initial deposit in this same manner. The remainder of the withdrawal must be done via wire transfer.

Customer Support

TradeRush offers customer support to its users 24 hours per day, 5 days per week. These hours will vary, so it is best to check the TradeRush website for available hours, as well as contact details. Support personnel may be contacted directly via email, toll-free telephone, and online live chat. It is important to note that currently, TradeRush offers support in English, Spanish, Japanese, and French.

Our Opinion Regarding TradeRush

There are a number of positive features regarding the TradeRush binary options trading platform. The fact that TradeRush offers 60 second options makes this platform particularly attractive to those traders who seek a lot of fast action in their binary options transactions. In addition, those who wish to construct their own options with expiration dates and their preferred risk profile can also benefit from this platform’s option builder feature. For traders who are both new and experienced, TradeRush is definitely worth a look.

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