Why Traderush Is the Best Broker for US Traders 

Traderush is the best broker for US binary options traders. It is fastest growing online broker. A lot of US residents who have used Traderush as their broker of choice can attest to the fact that this trading platform is the best. One thing that makes this platform good for traders is the fact that traders have a wide choice of assets with which they can trade unlike other platforms whose choice of assets to trade with are limited. This platform is also open to different types of contracts for traders. Traders are also able to trade with a good number of currencies without any problem.

Friendly user interface

It is very important for a binary option trader to have a user interface that is easy to navigate through. Traderush has an interface that is very easy for users to navigate through and that is very simple to use. The platform also offers support services for those traders who need help with anything as they are trading. Traders who use Traderush will have different account types to choose from when they want to open an account and the deposit fee is affordable for a good number of starting binary option traders. This makes Traderush the best broker for US traders.

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Easily accessible

Once a trader has an active binary options trading account with Traderush as their trading platform of choice, they can be able to access their accounts and do their trade on mobile phones and android devices. All that they will need to do is to download the needed applications. This is very friendly and it enables traders to be able to do their trade from wherever they are and at any time. This is one of the features that make this platform the best broker for US traders.

Variety of depositing options

When a trader wants to make deposit to his binary options account, Traderush offers a variety of depositing options. A trader can be able to deposit money in to his binary options account from his debit or credit card, from the bank and even through a wire transfer. Withdrawal processes are also friendly for the traders. The method that a trader uses to deposit money is usually the one that is used for withdrawals in this platform. Bank withdrawals can also be processed. In the first withdrawal, a trader is usually not charged a dime but in the withdrawals that follow, he is usually charged an affordable amount. The friendly rates make Traderush the best broker for US traders.

Customer care support

Another thing that makes Traderush the best broker for US traders is the fact that this platform offers support for its customers in the English language. This is very suitable for traders from the US. This platform is legitimate and this makes it a wise choice for US binary options traders. With Traderush, there are a lot of binary options that are available for traders to trade with which makes the trading experience fun and exciting for traders.

Good reputation

Another good thing about Traderush as the best broker for US traders is the fact that this platform has a very good reputation. This platform has been known as one of the best in a very log time and the fact that it accepts traders from the US males it better. Traders who have used this platform say that it is the best for new traders as it has the easiest to use interface for a new binary options trader. This platform also allows people to trade as little as 5 dollars in a single trade. This makes it very friendly.

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